The Nintendo Switch

Is this going to be a success? No, I don’t think so. Just saw the video and not impressed. Its trying to be both a mobile unit and a console. you know what they say about being a jack of all trades, but master of none? This is the perfect example of it.

As a mobile device, the Twitch is too big. We already carry big cellphones and tablets. With the included controllers, you’re going to have to make space in your backpack to lug this around. Along with your tablet, books, etc. the battery life isn’t great either. Its about 3 hours, from what’s being said. And that sounds right. Its a big screen with lots of graphics and wifi and bt connections. its not going to beat a DS or cellphone in terms of battery. It might not even beat them in mobile experience, given how big the screen is.

As a main console its underpowered. Powergamers are going to be looking at getting their next gen graphics from the PS4 or Xbox One. Or the next generation of those units.

It just looks like the Switch is providing a mediocre experience for both mobile and console games. Its a fail.

From a corporate standpoint, even if it is successful in drawing more mobile gamers, its really only going to cannibalize its own mobile gaming audience. Nintendo already has a huge lock on the mobile gaming experience with their DS. Every other teen I know lugs a DS around. They’re either not going to move away from that or they wil, if they do, they won’t be buying a DS.

Yeah, so… another stinker for Nintendo.