What’s going on here?

Wow, its been two years since I started this blog.  I was supposed to just blog and comment on the reality shows I watch.  I usually watch Top Chef, Real World/Road Rules shows and the dancing shows.  But damn if family, work and just random stuff didn’t get in the way.  I used to do a lot of blogging on Xanga, but for some reason, I didn’t do it when I got my own domain.

Since then, I’ve been bummed out by work.  Was told I’d be promoted, but wasn’t.  Watched my coworkers who do half my output still get paid the same as I do.  Not that i mind, but its hard to stay motivated when you see that, you know?  Like why am I paddling my side of the boat when the three guys over there, are just slapping the water for fun.

So, today, I decided to not go to work.  Just called in sick.  I didn’t tell my wife, though.  She’d think I’m a slacker, which I am, but I’m pretty good about providing for my family.  I drove off and went to Denny’s at 6 AM and ordered a breakfast.  Just sat and ate for an hour and thought about my life going forward.  I realize that my job isn’t me.  If my promotion doesn’t come through, I shouldn’t be bummed, but I will be planning on looking elsewhere.

I’m also going to enjoy today.  As I walked out of Denny’s after my $10 breakfast, the sky was just lighting up and I felt like I not only had the rest of the day ahead of me, I have the rest of my life ahead of me.  LOL, epiphany at Denny’s.  I’m going to take a hike along the cliffside and take some pictures with my DSLR, something I haven’t done in a long while.  Then later today, I’m going to take the kids out to dinner at a restaurant.

I’ve been a bad dad lately, stress at work, stress at my home improvement projects around the house…   None of that matters, if you really think about it.  Your job will still be there, I’m in no danger of being laid off, so the lack of promotion isn’t going to hurt me, its just a clap on the back, I was looking forward to.  My backyard project is going to get finished soon too, and if not, I can pay someone who knows more than me to finish it.  Its like trying to cook a gourmet dinner, you thought you could after watching a few TV programs, then realize you’re in over your head… but you know what?  So what?  Admit you’re not going to be able to lay pavers perfectly, pay some dudes $300 and they’ll finish it for you.

I realize I was really sweating the small stuff and taking that frustration out on my family.  Wrong priorities.

hmm, went off on more personal stuff than I wanted to.  I really wanted to post where we’re going with the TV blogging.  I’m currently catching So You think You can Dance, favorite is Witney Carson and her partner.  Damn, that girl is pretty, right?  But she looks like she pretty funny and has a lot of talent.  Will do a recap blog tomorrow.

Welcome and stay tune!